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I would be glad to build a new website or app for a project or a company.

You can find some examples of previous work below:

For the Utrechtse Studenten Cantorij I built this website, including ticketshop.

I build this website for Loenderslootgroep. The website was build with Wordpress, mainly because the employees of Loenderslootgroep wanted to be able to edit the site themselves. To them the Wordpress interface felt the most famliar.

In October 2015, I built a new version of the official website of Stijn Bovenkamp. The website is simpel but clear. It is suitable for computer, tablet and smartphone. The website will load the background image just once to assist users with a slow internetconnection. The menu and background image will not refresh when a user navigates to another page of the websites. The behaviour of users on this website can be monitored and the management of Stijn Bovenkamp had acces to this information. The code of the website is neatly organized so potential other programmers can easily work with it.
This website was developed with the programming languages html, css, javascript, jquery and a little bit of borrowed php code.

Exclusive app for the Grachtenfestival and Festival over het IJ 2014

The Grachtenfestival and Festival over het IJ organised a theater route in the summer of 2014. Young theater producers and musicians created four small performances. I conceived and programmed an app that visitors could listen to when they walked from one show to the next. The app detects your exact location and adapts music and soundscapes to where you are. For example, when you walked past a children's playground, you'd hear the noise of children playing and shouting. And when you'd walk past an iron fence, you'd hear a wooden stick rattling against the bars. You'd also hear excerpts from interviews with residents of Amsterdam-Noord and stories about the neighbourhood, interspersed with pieces of music. The image above is a screenshot of the app. The red line is the path that the visitors walked, and the translucently colored areas represent the various sounds and stories they encountered along the way. The app was installed on 45 iPads during two approximately two weeks. The visitors of the festivals could borrow an iPad to take with them on the theater route.
This app was written in the programming language C++