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Great to have you here on this page. You're probably looking to take cello lessons, or maybe just give it a try for one lesson.
Feel free to send an email to to make an appointment or to ask me some questions.

Maybe I can help you with some questions already:

- I teach adults and children from around 8 years old.

- My lessons are in Loenen aan de Vecht, at Wednesdays.

- A lessons of one hour costs 45 euro. (Your first lessons is for free.) A lesson can take one hour, 45 minutes, or half an hour.

Teaching experience

From 2016 up until 2019 I was a cello teacher at the Muziekroute. The Muziekroute is organized by the Utrechts Centrum voor de Kunsten.

I was a cello teacher at Leerorkest Stichtse Vecht.

I coach children string ensembles on children's chamber music days in Loenen aan de Vecht (organised by the Children's Symphony).

In 2012, I organised and led a music summer camp for teenagers. Link to pictures.

I spent a number of summers as a sailing instructor at sailing school Nautilus. I taught children aged eight to fourteen years old.

In February 2015, I got my teaching certificate as part of my biology studies at Utrecht University. This authorises me to teach biology at high schools. To obtain this certificate, I taught (with pleasure) at a VMBO-T high school.

I worked as a supervisor at the Junior Summer School at Utrecht University. This is a special summer program on science for kids in primary school and the first year of high school Link to the facebook page.

I've been giving private cellos lessons since 2013.

I learned to play cello myself with Chajim van Collem, and studied cello at Utrecht Conservatory with Ran Varon. I also took one or more inspiring lessons with Viola de Hoog, Michael Gustorff, Dmitri Ferschtman, Ernst Reijsiger, René Berman and Jonas Pap.